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Featuring a couple of penguin colonies, impressive Victorian architecture and New Zealand's oldest public gardens, as well as laying claim to being the world's Steampunk capital, Oamaru is more than your typical New Zealand small town.

Things to Do in Oamaru

For a town its size, Oamaru boasts a large number of unique attractions that make a visit memorable.

Oamaru Public Gardens

One of the oldest of its kind in New Zealand, the Oamaru Public Gardens is a Victorian oasis that has existed since 1876.

Victorian Precinct

Oamaru features some of the best preserved Victorian architecture in New Zealand. A legacy of its time as an important port, the district features original buildings that host artisans, galleries and eateries.  A nearby quarry supplied the hard limestone used in these structures; the stone became known as Oamaru stone, and was used extensively throughout Otago.

Waitaki Valley

The Waitaki River originates in the Southern Alps, and shapes the Waitaki Valley, which can be reached from Oamaru. Unique geological formations and beautiful scenery make this a drive worth taking for Oamaru visitors.

Breathtaking Ocean views coupled with a Unique Architectural Heritage Make Oamaru stand out in a country full of Must see destinations.

Community Highlights

Oamaru, New Zealand

road sign penguin crossing in oamaru new zealand
road sign penguin crossing in oamaru new zealand

Penguin Lovers Paradise

Oamaru is home to a large colony of blue penguins, a small penguin native to New Zealand and Australia. The town is a unique spot where visitors have a chance to get close up to these fascinating birds.

Old steam train at Oamaru in the South Island of New Zealand. Omaru is home to the steam punk.
Old steam train at Oamaru in the South Island of New Zealand. Omaru is home to the steam punk.

Steampunk capital of the world

Oamaru is where you will find Steampunk HQ, an art gallery dedicated to the world of steampunk... an alternate Victorian version of a world powered by steam. The town has become the world capital of steampunk.


Alps 2 Ocean

Oamaru is the finish line for the Alps 2 Ocean cycle trail—an iconic 300km bike ride that highlights the majestic scenery of the South Island.

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